We sat down with bold new London label Follow the Fingers Records to discuss their debut release and the important things in life like pineapple on pizza

ONE FOOT IN THE RAVE | 2020-10-22

The debut release from Follow the Fingers Records is a collab from Thousand Fingers and The OddOneOut providing the respite we all crave right now. The ‘Outta Here EP’ is an upbeat release centred around infectious vocal hooks, whilst the label also worked hard to cater for the eclectic tastes of dance music fans, recruiting heavyweight remixers in LouLou Players and ACAY. The end result is irresistible music to dance around your bedroom, imagining your very own club experience.

Firstly congratulations on the launch of Follow the Fingers Records – How did the record label come about and what is the meaning behind the name?

Oh, cheers mate! In practice, it hasn’t been very much and it took intensive six month period to make it happen. However, I had this Record Label & Music Studio combined brand idea for a very long time and it was just a case of waiting for when the time felt right. A couple of days after they announced lockdown, I had that “lets do it” moment. Then my excitement turned into lots of calls, emails, paper work, studio time.

People are a little bit confused about the name “ Follow The Fingers” and mostly imagining “the thing” (The Addam’s Family) making finger steps around. It actually means, “follow to whom being pointed out by others” like idols, mentors, superstars. If you want a new chapter in your life, follow their path and we will accompany/soundtrack your experience.

You managed to land some big names on remix for this debut release, how did that come about?

I had to use my secret powers and super special contacts to mediate in between. However, if you don’t have any of these you can contact them directly as well. The key is to deliver the right music to the right artist.

What is it you guys look for when signing a record to the label?

We are totally after bold music producers; who have their own creative approach and way of thinking…their music is important to us. Follow The Fingers is a boutique record label and we will be releasing different dance music styles every month. Thus, what is a good fit? A solid concept; idea, story, emotion … Successful pitches will be rewarded with surprising favours.

Now we know more about the label, tell us a bit more about the team behind Follow the Fingers Records – How many of you are there and what are your roles?

We have become a team in a very short time, actually, it started right after the lockdown in the UK. At the moment, in addition to myself, there are eight more people, graphic designer, web design team, mastering engineer, PR agent, lawyer, accountant, and a super volunteer working for us.

Time for a fun quick fire round…Yes or no to pineapple on pizza?

Haha … big YESSS

Sports or Video games?

Sex on the beach

Sunshine or Rain?

Both simultaneously, please.

Istanbul or London?

Ah this is a very deep question, can’t answer that

What plans do you have for Follow the Fingers label for the rest of 2020/21?

Wait and see ;)

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today 

It was my pleasure mate, cheers.

You can buy or stream Thousand Fingers, The OddOneOut – Outta Here EP below:


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